Cohen Home

Sedona is the perfect climate for a Passive Solar Adobe Home.  It is mild enough in the winters to build without much additional insulation and retain the heat from the sun well into the night.  In the summer the thick walls, 2 layers of 8” adobe block and a 2” airspace in between for utilities and additional R-value, temper the extreme heat keeping the inside comfortably cool.


The views from this Site, primarily to the east, frame Cathedral Rock.  These views coincided with optimal solar angles giving the East glass wall a dual purpose. This Site, as with most sites in Sedona surrounded by rock formations, is full of sun and striking views.

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Date to be Completed: 2020-2021

Single Family Adobe Home

Type of Project

Sedona, Arizona


2 ½ acres

1,793 sf

Square Footage

Site size

Primary Materials:

  • 8” Adobe Block
  • steel I-beams
  • concrete headers
  • glass
  • (no wood used)

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