Enjoy Residence

Hahns Peak casts shadow over the Enjoy home when the sun rises on equinox.  The Enjoy Home faces east, towards Hahns peak. The peak gives the home it’s orientation.  The alpine glow can last for over an hour.  The Enjoy home, with its 18 inch thick walls pays homage to Hahn’s Peak.  It is their place to play, awaken, and worship.  In the third level loft there is an alter directly aliened towards the Peak.  The three levels are linked by a central stair and fireplace in the form of yin yang geometry.  This geometry provides circulation to private spaces in the home.  Whether it is a window seat in the thick straw bale wall or the office nook at the top level, one is always able to find a quite place to contemplate.




Straw Bale Single Family Residence

Type of Project

Columbine, CO


1 acres

2,200 sf

Square Footage

Site size

Primary Materials:

  • straw bale (R-40-45)
  • heavy timber
  • beetle kill pine
  • stucco and wood
  • rebar and cable rail.

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