Heiter Addition

The house is to sit on a vast ridge of the Yampa Valley.  The site leaves the home open to the sun.  A high percentage of glazing to the south will provide solar heat gain.  The overall house is in a U configuration.  This will protect one from the predominately northwesterly wind and winter storms.  The west guest area is modeled after an “Earthship”.  The Earthship operates as an organism on the site.  It collects water, reuses water (grey water), is burmed into the earth and all glazing is tilted to the altitude angle of winter solstice. The main body of the house is organized around geometry that stems from three spiraling nautilus’s.   The fireplace and stair are at its origin.  Circulation and spaces radiate with the spirals as the organizing principal.  The geometry informs all three levels.  The spiral concept came directly from the wind and weather direction.


The home will collect water, partly used for a water fall at the entry.  It will also have a greywater system.  The home will use both passive and photovoltaic solar energy, and it will utilize light shelves to bring natural light deep into the house. A massive fireplace along with mass walls will store solar heat.  The radiant heating system will utilize geothermal energy.



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Sustainable Single Family Residence

Type of Project

Steamboat Springs, CO


15 acres

4,640 sf

Square Footage

Site size

Primary Materials:

  • Perform Wall (R-24)
  • S.I.P. Roof (R-49)
  • Steel
  • curved glulams
  • metal staircase and light shelve
  • cable railings
  • stucco and metal siding

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