Studio-E Residence

The underlying geometry for this studio is the golden mean rectangle.  The golden mean rectangle describes a proportion found in nature that is equal to the square root of five.  The upper rectangle is one frequency smaller than the lower rectangle, regulated by this proportion’s self similar spiral.  The sacred geometry is recursive throughout from the roof structure to smaller details.  Straw bale is used for the insulation and mass.  The bales create mass and depth which protect the inside from the prevailing north winds and snow storms.  The primary glazing is to the south and west allowing for solar gain stored by the concrete slab and concrete kitchen counter top.  The main level relates to the earth.  Its roof abstractly slopes with the slope of the site.  The upper level relates to ether and the clear Colorado sky.






Type of Project

Steamboat Springs, CO


3 acres

1,000 sf

Square Footage

Site size

Primary Materials:

  • straw bale
  • heavy timber
  • steel
  • stucco
  • wood.

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